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Warehouse and Handling

ONLINE WORLDWIDE SHIPPINGG&G CARGO SERVICES warehouse and inventory service is based on 3 main advantages; our REFRIGERATED FACILITIES, EXPERIENCED STAFF and INTERNET BASED SYSTEM. Combining all these advantages we can offer different solutions for all your requirements.

G&G CARGO SERVICES, uses a complete net of REFRIGERATED FACILITIES in COSTA RICA, PERU, ECUADOR, COLOMBIA and USA. At the facilities we offer a 5 point temperature checking. The first control is when tha farm delivers the cargo to the consolidation point in origin. The second control is at the origin airport when delivering to the airline. The third control is at the Miami/Los Angeles airport when receiving the cargo from the airline. The fourth is at receiving in G&G CARGO SERVICE cooler in Miami/Los Angeles. The fifth and final is when delivering the cargo to the next carrier.

G&G CARGO SERVICES STAFF has over 20 years of experience in the transport and handling of perishable products and specifically fresh cut flowers.

G&G CARGO SERVICE Software PUZZLE is a complete INTERNET BASED SYSTEM that organizes the whole business process in 5 modules; Product Sales, Product Procurement, Order to farms,  Logistics and Inventory.



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